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i don’t know when can i meet these guys again. it has been a work of crazy weekend at sanrio warehouse sale. half of my time worth it to be there though because of my friends i wanted to see. owell i miss them and i hella miss them more now XDD. #friendship @hellastellaa @tr1shfish @honeynachar . (p.s. credit to @ziadolores for the photo. i asked her to send me this pic) hihihi (at Citigarden Hotel)

spent and still gonna spend my day off working at sanrio warehouse sale tomorrow. -.- but still i’ve found newly friends! tada! my PLUSHIES. pickels frogs and penguin (can’t remember names) the twins star and hk irish that my sister bought for me :)) #hellokitty #sanrio #sf #sanfrancisco #plushies #loveys #love @dayoff #cat #unicorn #lay #exo #penguin #twinstars #frog #friends #instacollage …..well work tomorrow starts at 7am and i should be sleeping right now but lemme share this first and the most exhausted look on earth and will be even more exhausted tomorrow cause i have after job after job haha !! lols! owell goodnight! :))

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